Bangkok Neuroscience Center


The Bangkok Neuroscience Center offers holistic services with emphasis in:
  • Diagnosing… causes of diseases
  • Treatment... with advanced medical technology 
  • Prevention...of disease recurrence

  • Rehabilitation…returning patients to a good quality of life 

Your brain can retain its power through prevention and early detection by specialized multidisciplinary medical team 

  • Stroke Clinic

    BDMS NEUROSCIENCE INSTITUTE BLACK BRAIN HEALTH LLC, USA IN COLLABORATION WITH KEITH L. BLACK, M.D. is internationally certified with regards to prevention and treatment of stroke from JCI (Joint Commission International) based in the United States. This is an indication of the center’s preparedness in stroke patient care led by a specialized multidisciplinary medical team of stroke specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologist, and pharmacists who all coordinate with the aim of effective treatment that will allow patients to continue recovery at home.
  • Parkinson's Clinic

    The Parkinson's Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment services for movement disorders including Parkinson's, a condition which is becoming increasingly prevalent in older patients.


  • Epilepsy Clinic

    We provide comprehensive and holistic care for by specialized medical professionals in order to help maintain and help improve the quality of life of patients with epilepsy.  Diagnostic and treatment services by specialized personnel and consultation for cases of epilepsy or symptoms of epilepsy. Relevant advice will be given on best treatment methods and how to reduce risks during an episode.


  • Headache Clinic

    Headaches and its implications have become a major reason for patients to seek medical consultation. It can be caused by a number of factors such as migraines, tension-type headache, and as a result of diseases or other conditions that are harmful to the body such as brain tumors, stroke, and encephalitis.


  • Sleep disorder clinic

Bangkok Neuroscience Center
For more information, please call +662 310-3000, or 1719 (Local calls)

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