Bangkok Fracture Center

Fractures are a common occurrence that may happen at any time especially when moving in a vehicle at fast speeds. Furthermore, an ageing population means that fractures are more prevalent in the elderly due to osteoporosis. However, advancements in medicine and expertise have been consistent in providing numerous effective treatment methods. 
Modern treatment does not focus on each bone, but also focuses on reducing risks of danger to a susceptible area, this is referred to as “Damage Control”.

Furthermore, the center makes use of modern equipment and surgical technology to increase the chances of successful fracture treatment. Newer methods results in less bruising around affected muscle and bone area. This allows for better blood circulation and leads to faster recovery especially in joint replacement surgery. This new technique is referred to as minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis or MIPO technique. 
The Bangkok fracture Center is prepared in treatment of complicated fractures and severe injuries, open fractures, and multiple fractures. All processes that contribute to patient treatment and recovery are internationally certified including personnel such as physician, nurses, paramedics, and orthopedic trauma surgeons. Our medical team is specialized in nonsurgical and surgical treatment, as well as having the ability to handle any complications that may occur. For referred patients or patients needing adjustments to prosthesis we provide fixes in Non-union or delays union, Mal union and deformity correction, treatment for various conditions such as osteoporosis and fracture or pathological fracture and metastasis.
In cases where the patient has complicated or multiple fractures, our specialist team of orthopedic trauma surgeons will use minimally invasive fracture surgery. This modern technology will help to reduce blood loss, chance of infection, and any complications that may occur from surgery.
Many orthopedic injuries require specialist care, at the Bangkok Fracture Center we provide expertise in the following:
  • Multiple fractures and Pelvis Acetabulum fracture surgery
  • Orthopedic Hand and Microsurgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Arthroscopic Surgery, Sport Traumatology
  • Pediatric Fracture

There are several other orthopedic and medical experts who form a multidisciplinary team approach to treat patients in critical conditions. Other specialists include Geriartic Fracture Surgery, cardiologists, nephrologist, hematologist, infections specialist, and more. 
Apart from personnel readiness, Bangkok Fracture Center has some of the most advanced surgical technology such as the Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery and 3D Scanner to ensure best results. 
Although fracture treatment has become more complex, positive results are far more common given modern technology and treatment methods. Bangkok Hospital Fracture Center is proud to be able to provide consultation with regards to fracture treatment and recovery by physicians and staff that are available 24 hours a day.