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  • Bangkokhospital : emergency-referral


    Because life is full of uncertainties accidents can always occur without warning, however they can be prevented and its impact mitigated. This is the role of the medical and emergency paramedic staff who make first contact with victims of an accident.

  • Bangkokhospital : brain


    It is quite hard to believe that something as small as the human brain could possess 10 to 12 billion cells, each with strands to connect electronically and chemically.

  • Bangkokhospital : bone


    The average human’s bones tend to deteriorate as we age, such deterioration can be further amplified by our own behavior and bad habits as well as unexpected injuries and accidents that may lead to complications.

  • Bangkokhospital : dental


    “Good oral health is an important building block of being healthy” At our center, multidisciplinary dentists and specialist personnels collaborate to provide quality service where the patient always comes first.

  • Bangkokhospital : gi


    The human gastrointestinal tract is composed of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine colon, rectum, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and pancreas. All of which are important internal organs because it involves the process in which we eat to gain nutrients to provide our body with energy.

  • Bangkokhospital : chest


    The heart is not the only organ found in the chest area, other important organs such as your lungs, esophagus, trachea, and key arteries are also found there. Discomfort in the chest area can come in many forms such as chest pain, tiredness, and dry cough, all of which can be symptoms of lung disease.

  • Bangkokhospital : eye-ent


    All organs in a human body serve an important purpose, none more so than the eye. Appropriately, the saying that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul has not gone out of style for centuries. As no individual would want anything irregular to happen that may cause them to lose their eye/eyes permanently Bangkok Hospital offers an Eye Center, a LASIK Center, and a Glaucoma Clinic.

  • Bangkokhospital : mother-child


    An infant with a healthy body will have a higher chance of positive development as it matures. The success of this notion is dependent on the Mother and family members.

  • Bangkokhospital : good-health


    Having good and a high quality of health often involves beauty both on the outside and within and can also be an indication of proper healthcare. First and foremost is an annual health check-up to learn about health problems of which you may be unaware that will lead to the right treatment before an illness exacerbates.

  • Bangkokhospital : surgery


    A lot of people may not like the idea of surgical treatment for obvious reasons. It requires the use of surgical instruments to gain entry into a patient’s body in order to treat a disease or irregularity.

  • Bangkokhospital : geriatric-rehab


    As we enter into the “elderly” stage of our lives it becomes more necessary for people to take more care of themselves. Not only does this apply to the elderly, but also younger relatives who should also strive to look after the health of their seniors.

  • Bangkokhospital
  • Bangkokhospital

Special Medical Services

Special medical services & treatment & technology offere by BHQ



Special medical services & treatment & technology offere by BHQ


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Emergency Evacuation from Bhutan to Bangkok

For Paul Croft, adventure turned to adversity when he suffered a serious accident in Bhutan but thanks to Bangkok Hospital’s Alarm Center, he is back on the road to recovery.

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Patient’s Experience who have undergone Direct Anterior Approach Cosmetic Incision Hip Replacement

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