Child Health Clinic

The Bangkok Child Health Clinic  at Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin believes in love and understanding as the basis for family. Proper parenting advice from truly experienced pediatricians is an important driving force for children for their age-appropriate development. Thus they will grow healthy and in confidence in a sustainble manner.


Bangkok Child Health Center provides comprehensive diagnosis, care, and treatment for children, by a team of pediatric specialists in a variety of fields to offer health services to children, from newborn to adolescence.


General medical examination


  • Treatment services to prevent, rehabilitate, and provide health education. By medical staff and personnel such as general pediatricians, pediatric specialists, nurses, and specialists in a variety of fields, such pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric respiratory ailments, heart disease, the nervous system and brain, psychiatry, orthopedics, the endocrine system, the urinary tract, blood diseases, and childhood cancer


Outstanding Services

  • Treatment of pediatric patients in emergencies via a team that is available to transfer pediatric patients 24 hours a day
  • Vaccination Services
  • The Endocrine Testing Procedure
  • High-pressure oxygen therapy in children with autism, which must be diagnosed by a physician