Stroke Clinic

The Bangkok Neuroscience Clinic has received recognition and certification regarding prevention and care of stroke from JCI (Joint Commission International) based in the United States. This is a testament to the quality of service provided and resulted in the creation of the Stroke Clinic. The clinic’s multidisciplinary team consists of neurologists, stroke specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychiatrists, and pharmacists all coordinating to provide quality care. This includes providing the patient and relatives with the information necessary to continue treatment at home. 

Cerebrovascular accident, more commonly known as stroke is a major cause of paralysis and death. It is caused by a blockage in the arteries which carry oxygen to the brain. Oxygen deprivation can result in speech impediments, movement disorders, and even death in severe cases. 

Symptoms of Stroke:

  • Usually begins with feeling weak, and a numbness on one side of the face
  • Loss of sight or blurriness on one side
  • Speech impediments, reduction in ability to converse
  • Acute headache

Healthcare for Stroke Patients involves living a healthy lifestyle through keeping blood pressure low, maintaining a health y weight, frequent exercise, avoid smoking and alcohol, as well as going for an annual health check-up. All these factors will help reduce the chances of stroke.