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Valve Replacement Package (AVR/MVR)

Expire: Sunday, December 31 , 2017

Stay 7 nights for 720,000 baht, "included one heart valve."

Primary consideration Criterion

1. Not over 60 years of age
2. No renal failure of which creatinine level is above 2 mg/dl
3. The contractility of pumping chamber is better than 40%
4. No chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using inhaler or history of using inhaler
5. No insulin dependent diabetes
6. No stroke symptom within 21 days before operation
7. No acute symptom of heart disease (Acute MI, Heart Failure, Significant Arrhythmia)
8. No coronary artery disease
9. No history of previous heart surgery
10. No Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump required
11. No recent infection
12. Cash/credit card payment/insurance fax claim are acceptable
13. Approved by cardiac surgeon from Bangkok Heart Hospital

The package includes of the following charges:

  1. Operating room, CCU for 2 nights, standard single room for 5 nights (including nursing care, meals, room rate, and room service) totally 7 nights, starting from day of surgery.
  2. Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Cardiac Rehabilitations fees
  3. Cross-matched and blood preparation prior to surgery
  4. 1 mitral or aortic valve is included
The package excludes of the following charges:
  1. Pre-operative study (i.e. Dental check-up and treatment, Echocardiography, Cardiac Catheterization, other diagnostic tests).
  2. Pre-operative room and service expenses. Post-operative expenses incur in the case of requiring additional days to recuperate.
  3. Additional physician fee in case of the procedure is exceeding 4 hours 30 minutes. 15,000 THB will be charged per one hour.
  4. Take home medicine, medical supplies.
  5. Special medicine such as oral antidiabetic agents, post-operative hemoglucose, lab for glucose test and consultation fee for endocrinologist.
  6. Miscellaneous expenses i.e. additional food and beverage.
  7. Special medical equipment (if necessary).
  8. Unforeseen complications expenses.
  9. Cost occurs during the follow-up periods.

For more information, please contact
 Contact Center Tel. (+66) 2310-3000 (24 hrs.)