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Sleep and Epilepsy Center

Sleep and Epilepsy Center


Sleep disorders and epilepsy are diseases that are becoming more and more known in the media because the number of patients with such diseases increases every year, a trend that is likely to continue.
In response, Bangkok Hospital mobilized physicians specializing in neurology, epilepsy, and sleep disorders to open the Sleep and Epilepsy Center, which applies 20 years of technological medical research to support patients with sleep disorders and epilepsy. Both diseases have profound effects on the lives of patients, the safety of their families, and the welfare of society at large.When being diagnosed and treated at the Sleep and Epilepsy Center, patients learn about the causes of their disease, as follows.

  • When considering brain disorders, it is important to determine what part of the brain is the physical source of the disorder so that an appropriate treatment can be applied.

  • For patients who suffer from absent-mindedness or memory loss, we will search for the cause of the ailment to determine whether or not there are any signs of epilepsy.

  • For patients suffering from epilepsy, simply taking medication is often not enough. We will diagnose what kind of epilepsy a patient has and where in the brain it originates from via an EEG-fMRI together with a PET scan. Knowing its location, the doctor can prescribe appropriate medication or surgery for the patient.

  • If you suffer from sleep apnea, can't sleep well, or stop breathing during your sleep, don't overlook these symptoms. Consult with your doctor as early as possible so that you can determine the cause of the ailment, as there may be risk risk of other, more severe diseases.

  • Feelings of drowsiness, not getting enough sleep, and falling asleep spontaneously should not be taken lightly.These symptoms could be warning signs of narcolepsy. Take special note of any patterns you develop in this regard, otherwise it can be dangerous when driving or working with machinery.

  • At our Sleep Lab, the Bangkok Sleep and Epilepsy Center provides services for patients of all ages with sleep abnormalities and epilepsy, where we monitor patients 24 hours a day.

The Bangkok Sleep and Epilepsy Center treats patients suffering from sleep disorders and epilepsy. We have eight
examination rooms divided into four sleeping rooms and four epilepsy test rooms, with a control room and bedside care technicians standing by 24 hours a day. The Sleep Center focuses on providing sleep examinations to analyze the functioning of the body's various systems during sleep, such as the respiratory system, as well as testing oxygen levels in the blood, brain wave functions (electrocardiogram), and muscle behavior. Testing is recommended for patients who have problems with sleep disorders such as snoring, excessive sleep, dyspnea, and sleepwalking and other body movement while sleeping. Some patients exhibit eyelid retraction, bruxism, face spasms, or body spasms during sleep. We provide rooms both for nighttime sleep (Night Sleep Lab) and daytime sleep (Day Sleep Lab). Sleep technicians adjust the pressure level of your CPAP as necessary during treatment 24 hours a day. Actigraphy devices are used to assess behavior while both sleeping and waking; these devices resemble wristwatches and are used to track the sleep habits of patients day and night. The resulting data is interpreted by a doctor specializing in sleep disorders.



Bangkok Sleep and Epilepsy Center

1th - 2nd Floor, North wing (N1) Bangkok International Hospital Building

Tel. (+66) 2310 3011  or 1719 (local mobile calls only)

Office hours Monday - Friday 07:00 - 20:00 hours.

                      Saturday - Sunday 07:00 - 17.00 hours.

Email: [email protected]