Fixed Pricing Fly in ENT Packages


EXPIRES: Thursday, December 31 , 2015

No. Procedure Length of stay   Fly in
Fixed Pricing
1. Endoscopic Sinusplasty Surgery with Microdebrider

2 Night


2. Endoscopic Sinusplasty Surgery with Microdebrider and Navigator 2 Night


3. Thyroidectomy Adult (Lobectomy) 3 Night


4. Sinusplasty 1 Balloon  1 Night


5. Tonsillectomy with Adrenoid (Child) 1 Night


6. Tonsillectomy Adult 1 Night


Terms and Conditions: 

  1. This Fixed Pricing Program includes doctor fee, anesthesiology, medical supplies, equipment and facilities related to surgery (as prescribed by procedure); standard ward accommodation, take home medication related to surgery and one time OPD follow up related to surgery.
  2. This Fixed Pricing Program cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  3. Patients must be evaluated by Bangkok Hospital physicians and nurses prior to receiving treatment.
  4. In case of complications related to the operation, other than pain, nausea/vomiting, bleeding and surgical site infection, additional charges may be applied.
  5. In the case that the patient requires accommodation in the IICU or ICU ward, or if the patient is staying longer than required, for whatever reason, the patient will be responsible for the additional costs after any discounts (if applicable).

This Fixed Pricing Program does not cover:

  1. Patient’s expenses incurred before or after accepting the Pricing Program.
  2. Specialist consultation fee (if any).
  3. Patient’s expenses arising from a pre-existing condition or any additional expenses not previously stated in the procedure, such as additional medical supplies, lab testing and/ or x-ray. The patient will be responsible for the additional costs after any discounts (if applicable). 4.       Pathology fee.

Note: The hospital reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice.

For more information, please contact:
The Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Center
Tel.(+66) 2310-3000, 1719 (local mobile calls only)
Email :

+66 2310 3000
or 1719