Surgery Vascular Package

Expire Date 31/12/2022
133,000 - 302,000 Baht

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Procedure Length of Stay (Night)  Price (Baht) 
A-V Graft   1 172,000
A-V Fistula  1 155,000
Permanent cath with Neuroleptic Anesthesia   1 133,000
Port A Cath insertion with Neuroleptic Anesthesia (level 1) 1 142,000
Varicose Vein Endovascular ablation + stab avulsion 1 Side* 1 181,000
Varicose Vein Endovascular ablation + stab avulsion 2 Sides* 1 302,000

Terms And Conditions:

  1. This price is include operating room, recovery room, medical supply, medicine for the specific operation, surgeon team and anesthesiologist team only.
  2. This price is include standard inpatient room, nursing service, package food, medicine, medical equipment, medical supply which reqire for the specific operation.
  3. This price is include Implant and special medical supply (Specific procedural requirements) .
  4. This price is include Home medication for the specific operation. (not include the medicine for the underlying)
  5. The Package Price applies to Fly in.
  6. Valid from 1 September 2022 – 31 December 2022.

This Surgery Package does not include:

  1. We require the Patient to be evaluated for medical clearance before surgery by an Internal Physician. This is an additional cost.
  2. This price is not include the Specialist Consultant fee.
  3. The treatments cost for any patient’s underlying or related conditions or complications relating surgery will incur an additional charge, will be the patient responsible. This price is exclude Special medical supply, implants, Laboratory and other investigation.
  4. In case the patient stay in the Intensive Care Unit longer than the package require due to his/her condition, all the cost will be charge direct to the patient and can not be deduct from the package price.
  5. This price is not include Pathology, laboratory test and Pathologist charge.

*Bangkok Hospital reserves the right to change the price at any time without prior notice.*

For more information, please contact
Vascular Center
1st Floor, D Building, Bangkok Hospital
Daily 08.00 am. - 05.00 pm.