QRS Pelvi Center Magnetic Field Therapy

Expire Date 31/08/2022
20,700 Baht

Say Goodbye to Incontinence 
and Regain Your Confidence

Total Wellness offers a solution to your urinar incontinence problem with QRS PelviCenter, a pelvic floor muscle strengthening and restoring treatment. 

Book 4 treatments for 20,700 THB 

Valid from 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2022


The QRS PelviCenter is a medical device which automatically trains the Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM) by generating magnetic stimulation. A strong homogenous magnetic field is able to penetrate deeply into the pelvic and thereby to stimulate all surrounding nerves and train all relevant muscles. more


For more information, please contact
Urology Center
3st Floor, C Building, Bangkok Hospital
Daily 08.00 am. – 03.00 pm.