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Total Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement with Cosmetic Bikini Incisi

Chronic hip pain affects everyday life, from walking down the stairs to exercising and even sleeping. If various treatments don't eliminate the pain, hip replacement surgery is a solution that can restore your quality of life. The Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement is such a method of surgery that has been popularized in recent years. In addition to ensuring safety during surgery, there is a new incision technique, called Direct Anterior Approach Cosmetic Incision Hip Replacement, which helps the patient be comfortable with the incision mark after surgery.

There is less pain, as no muscles are cut

Many people worry about hip replacement surgery. However, today's medical science has led to a new technique: Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement. During surgery, the patient will lie on his or her back, and a special tool will be placed between the Tensor Fascia Lata and the Sartorius muscle. In the course of this procedure, no muscles are cut. The procedure results in less pain and a quick recovery after surgery, and the patient can walk without limping, unlike with traditional surgery, which uses the lateral approach and cuts the gluteus medius muscle (hip abductor) at the hip which leads to some pain for the patient and prolongs recovery. The direct anterior approach technique reduces the risk of hip dislocation after surgery because the back muscles are not cut. Because of its anterior approach, the technique improves the accuracy of leg length control, as the doctor utilizes Digital Template Surgical Planning to plan and select the proper implant size before surgery together with a C-arm x-ray to precisely position the implant in the correct spot during the operation.

The traditional approach leads to some pain for the patient and prolongs recovery. Moreover, the direct anterior approach leads to an easier recovery; there is no need to fear hip dislocation after surgery as with the posterior approach, which requires surgeons to cut muscles and other soft tissue at the back of the hip to access the hip joint. Traditional techniques are more painful because they require an incision 6-8 inches in length. The recovery period after surgery is prolonged, with a risk of implant malposition and unequal leg length.

No worries about the incision

Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement hides the incision, known as a Bikini Incision; significantly, the doctor performs surgery along the direction of collagen fibers of the outer layer, called the dermis, in the same direction as the deep muscle line. The incision follows the natural direction of the Langer's line. Plastic surgeons also use this same technique to hide incision marks and retain the body's original appearance. The technique also facilitates the healing of incisions. The surgeon will hide the small surgical incision, about 3 to 4 inches in length, around the groin on the patient's bikini line to reduce the postoperative scar; earlier conventional surgical techniques often produced Keloid scars.


There are also other advantages, such as the following:   

  • Digital Template Surgical Planning improves the accuracy of hip size selection and positioning by using a computerized system.

  • The problem of unequal leg length after surgery is eliminated because the surgery is by front access and the patient lies flat, enabling the leg length to be confirmed and the hip position measured properly during surgery.

  • The technique reduces the rate of hip dislocation after surgery as no muscles are cut; also, by using the new version of STEM, problems with stem subsidence will not arise.

  • Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) Bikini Incision reduces the chance of developing a scar.

  • Bilateral Simultaneous Total Hip Replacements

  • The patient will have a fast recovery period. He or she will be able to walk without a cane earlier than normally expected after a hip replacement and return to normal life faster, because no muscles are cut during surgery.

  • Get back to your normal life with the option of a ceramic implant, which is harder and glossier than other types of materials with a longer usage time, suitable for patients aged 30 and up.

  • Experienced Surgeon Care is provided by hip and knee specialists who are internationally trained in Canada and USA regarding to Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement and with a long experience in this type of surgery. They have been invited to lecture about this new hip implant technique at medical schools and faculties nationwide and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region.

Hip Replacement Surgeries Comparison Chart

Direct Anterior Approach Cosmetic Incision Hip Replacement
Conventional Hip Replacement


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