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UV Phototherapy


UV Phototherapy is a treatment that uses light in order to combat certain skin conditions.

Ultraviolet lights A and B are effective in inhibiting the immune cells of the skin, which can be overactive in many skin diseases. Phototherapy also stimulates the function of skin pigments to fight against disease.

UV Phototherapy at Bangkok Hospital

Our team of specialized skin doctors has over 10 years of experience using UV therapy.

Treatment Methods 

Selection between UV Therapy A and B

The decision to apply UV therapy to specific body parts or limit it to the area of a rash will depend on the type and severity of skin disease

  • UV Therapy A requires the use of Psoralen medication, which will be administered approximately two hours before therapy. Patients should wear sunglasses and avoid exposure to sunlight for approximately 8-12 hours following a therapy session.

  • UV Therapy B does not require medication. It can be used in children and pregnant women. Individuals indicated for this therapy should have no history of allergic reactions to sunlight or previous skin conditions.

Skin Conditions Treatable with UV Therapy

Psoriasis, rashes and skin allergies, Vitiligo, Chronic Urticaria (hives), and certain types of skin cancer.



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