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Celebrating 6 Year Anniversary of FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Accreditation


Bangkok Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM), Bangkok Hospital is proud to receive the first FIFA accreditation in Thailand and South East Asia, third in Asia, and the 26th in the world. “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence” accreditation was given by Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in 2012 and this year is the 6th year.


International Standard Guaranteed

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence accreditation means that Bangkok Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) have met FIFA international standards for the care of soccer players for 6 years.   Our specializations are as follows:

  1. Specialized center for sports and exercise medicine
  2. A team of specialists accredited by FIFA
  3. Injury prevention programs for soccer players
  4. There are researches on sports medicine in collaboration with the College of Sports and Science Technology, Mahidol University. The objectives are to provide expert support for the football industry and to co-operate with football's professional bodies and related organizations to enhance knowledge and understanding of football.
  5. Education and scientific exchange on sports and exercise medicine
  6. Work directly with the football industry as the first point of reference for consultancy in football following FIFA standards
  7. Engage in other football activities



Expert in Sports and Exercise Medicine

            Bangkok Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) is FIFA medical centre of excellence. We specialize in:


Minimally invasive surgery for orthopedic conditions and rehabilitation

Arthroscopic surgery is one of the minimally invasive surgery techniques. The advantages are smaller incision, less tissue injury, lower infection rate and shorter recovery time. Rehabilitation program is also important for patients to regain normal functions. Appropriate program and innovative equipment can help reduce the pain and swelling, restore range of motion and increase strength of muscles.


FIFA 11+ injury prevention program
FIFA 11+ is an effective injury prevention program developed by FIFA. Bangkok Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) held a workshop for children participating in Bayern Youth Cup, Road to Munich. 


Athletic performance evaluation and education
Bangkok Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) offers a multitude of assessment options to fit your needs. Our team of sports medicine specialists is dedicated to help athletes succeed in meeting their health and performance goals. Our cutting-edge equipment can evaluate and monitor athletic performance and raise it to the highest level.