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The Health Dangers of Insomnia

  The human body is comparable to a machine that is required to work 24 hours a day. Just as a machine requires maintenance and breaks, your body requires sleep. During sleep the body repairs itself and recuperates. Sleep boosts memory and cognitive function, is a key factor in the body’s waste…

Inguinal Hernia. Often presented together with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Inguinal Hernia or Groin Hernia in Men … occurs when tissue of the small intestine protrudes through a weakened spot in the abdominal wall. Risk factors include chronic cough from respiratory diseases such as pulmonary emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lifting heavy weights,…

Women Over 40!! Why are they at Risk of Hernia?

  Hernias in Women… occur when organ mainly small intestine pushes / or protrudes through a weakened spot in the abdominal wall. The most common sign is the presence of a bulge or lump in the groin, femoral triangle, diaphragm, umbilicus, pelvic floor area or surgical incision which is not properly…

Diabetic Wound | Proper Care Can Reduce The Risk of Complications

  For patients with diabetes, all wounds are a serious health concern and require careful attention. Even small cuts and insect bites can become serious if left untreated. Diabetes can cause wounds to heal more slowly. This increases the risk of infections and other complications. Therefore, it is…

When should Hair Loss be taken Seriously?

When should Hair Loss be taken seriously? Stages of hair growth can be categorized into the growing, resting, and transition phases. Under normal circumstances, it is possible to lose anywhere between 120-160 strands of hair a day. If you experience excessive hair loss it can be an indication of…


Psoriasis Psoriasis is a condition that changes the life cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin. The extra skin cells form thick, silvery scales and itchy, dry, red patches that are sometimes painful. It can be caused by genetics or external…

UV Phototherapy

UV Phototherapy is a treatment that uses light in order to combat certain skin conditions. Ultraviolet lights A and B are effective in inhibiting the immune cells of the skin, which can be overactive in many skin diseases. Phototherapy also stimulates the function of skin pigments to fight against…

Do not overlook jaundice! It might be the warning sign of serious health conditions.

  Jaundice is a condition described as a yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes and the whites of the eyes caused by increased level of bilirubin, a yellow-orange bile pigment in the blood. Jaundice is typically a sign of some underlying disease process. Causes of jaundice vary from…

Premature babies. Appropriate care enhances proper child development.

  When a baby is born more than three weeks earlier than the estimated due date, that baby is called "premature baby”. Premature babies have not grown and developed as much as they should have before birth. Thus, as a consequence, it might potentially impair growth and child development. The…


  心房中隔欠損症(ASD)は中隔とよばれる心臓の左心房と右心房を隔てる壁に欠損孔と呼ばれる穴が空く先天的な心臓疾患で、新生児だけでなく成人になって見つかることもあります。小さな欠損孔でははっきりとした症状や徴候がなく、健康診断の際に偶然に見つかることがあります。成人では、ある一定の年齢になると症状や徴候が現れることがあり、幼少時に高頻度で患った肺の感染症、心肥大、息切れ、運動後の倦怠感、動悸があげられます。この状態を放置すると、動悸は不整脈や完治には手遅れとなる心筋細胞などの壊疽、心不全のような重大な症状を誘発します。 小さな徴候に気づいて、…