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Dermoid Cyst Is it a mystery illness?

  A dermoid cyst is a sac-like growth that is present at birth. It contains structures such as hair, fluid, teeth, or skin glands. Dermoid cysts are caused when skin and skin structures become trapped during fetal development. They grow slowly and are not tender unless ruptured. Early detection is…

Introducing... Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Lazy Eye Can Lead To Blindness If Untreated

     Although you have probably heard of the term “lazy eye or amblyopia” before, a lot of parents do not know much about this condition. It is estimated that 3 to 5% of the general population suffers from this form of visual impairment. If not treated early, an amblyopic eye may never develop…

Knee Replacement Revision Surgery Restore Your Knee Strength

Knee replacement surgery restores a damaged, worn, or diseased knee joint. It is one of the most successful procedures, enabling people to live more active lives free of chronic knee pain. However, a knee replacement may fail for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, your knee can become unstable…

Do Not Overlook Joint Injury

A joint is defined as the point at which two or more bones articulate. Synovial joints are by far the most common classification of joint within the human body. They are highly moveable and all have a synovial capsule (collagenous structure) surrounding the entire joint, a synovial membrane (the…

Early Puberty: Speak to Your Doctor If You Spot These Signs

  Puberty is a natural process and occurs when a child’s body begins to develop and change as they become adults. However, it may not be a good sign if your child starts puberty too early. Parents need to be educated about the signs of early puberty, also called precocious puberty, as these…

Quick Stroke Treatment Can Prevent Disability

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and the leading preventable cause of disability. The right care right away can save both lives and quality of life. Stroke can happen to anyone at any time, including young people. The quicker you recognize the signs of stroke and seek medical care, the…


青光眼是老年人失明的主要原因之一。青光眼通常不会引起任何症状。它往往会缓慢发展多年,并且最先被影响的是您的视力。世界青光眼周将于今年3月11日至17日举行。世界青光眼协会提醒人们定期进行眼部检查,以便及早发现青光眼。青光眼引起的视力丧失是无法恢复的。因此,定期进行眼科检查非常重要,包括测量您的眼压。如果急躁发现青光眼,便可以减缓甚至预防视力丧失。 曼谷医院专门研究青光眼的眼科医生Katesarin Kiatisevi博士解释说,青光眼可能发生在任何年龄,但在60和70岁的老年人中更为常见。泰国青光眼协会的数据显示,2017年全球有6500万青光眼患者,…

Royal Customized & Tailor-Made Supplements Programs

  At the center, we recognize that no two people are alike. Each and every one of us is different because we all have unique lisestyles, surroundings, occupations, sleep patterns, and stresses. That is why the nutritional supplements dispensed to patients are adjusted specifically to suit your…

4 Diseases Women should be wary of apart from Cancer

  “Do not be complacent, if you have one of the following diseases immediate treatment is recommended”   Endometriosis and Chocolate cyst Endometriosis is most common in women post-menopause and accompanies menstruation blood. 90% of women affected will experience blood rushing back into the…