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Maxillofacial Prosthetics: Regaining Confidence and Improving the Patient’s Quality of Life

  Maxillofacial abnormalities are described as congenital structural deformities, malformations or other abnormalities of the maxilla (upper jaw bones), face or facial bones. In most cases, abnormal development of facial organs and mouth cavity can affect the facial functions, shape of the face and…

“ABDOMINAL PAIN” might be the warning sign of these 9 diseases!

  Digestive system is uniquely constructed to perform its specialized functions including ingestion, mechanical and chemical digestion, absorption and excretion (or defecation). Our digestive system begins at the mouth, pharynx and esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine (also known as…

“GALLSTONES” might be more severe if it is left untreated!

  Gallstones are one of the most common digestive diseases which small stones are formed in the gallbladder. If gallstones lodge in a bile duct and cause a blockage, it eventually results in severe life-threatening complications such as bile duct inflammation and infection, pancreatitis or…

“Women over 30” must be aware of an increased risk of infertility caused by ovarian disorders.

  Infertility is defined as a condition that not being able to get pregnant despite having frequent and unprotected sexual intercourse for at least a year (or longer). Statistical data reviews that a number of couples has been experienced this unsolved problem that might result from medical issues…

ReLEx (Refractive Lenticule Extraction) SMILE

ReLex is the latest technique in eye treatment that takes laser vision correction for short-sightedness beyond LASIK. It uses the femtosecond laser to precisely separate and then remove a ‘lenticule’ (tiny disc) of tissue to re-shape cornea and change its lens power. Similar to LASIK, the…

Social Media and the Elderly

  Currently, social media serves as a platform to disseminate news, information, experience sharing and connecting with friends and family. Many might think that social media is the exclusive domain for the younger generation.  However, many of elderly have adopted social media to pace up  with…

Do Not Overlook Malnutrition in Older Adults

  Good nutrition is critical to overall health and well-being. Malnutrition is common among the elderly. In developed countries, around 15% of the elderly are malnourished. Malnutrition contributes not only to progressive decline in health, reduced physical and cognitive functional status but also…

Preparing Your Child in the First Years of Life. Ways to Enhance Children’s Development and Dental Health

  Your relationship with your child is one of the most important influences on your child’s learning and development. Development is how your child grows physically and emotionally and learns to communicate, think and socialize. Moreover, oral hygiene and dental health are also important. As…

Herniated Disc in the Elderly

Treatment of Herniated Disc in the Elderly Treatment of herniated disc in the elderly includes Microdisectomy (Microdecompression Spine Surgery), a technique that will help reduce the need for further surgeries   Herniated Discs can be a major concern for patients with symptoms such as back pain,…

Keeping Children’s Teeth Healthy

  Dental caries is the most common infectious disease affecting Thai Children. Data from Bureau of Dental Health in 2017 shows that over 50% of Thai children have dental caries before kindergarten. A child's teeth are susceptible to decay as soon as they begin to erupt. A baby's primary teeth are…