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Gallstones Can Lead to Life-threatening Complications

  Gallstones are small stones that form in the gallbladder. In most cases, they do not cause any symptoms. However, if left untreated, gallstones can cause life-threatening complications. Women are more likely than men to develop gallstones and it is more common in people aged 30-50 years. Most…

Abdominal Pain Could Be a Sign of These 9 Conditions

  We all have tummy troubles now and again, but certain symptoms may signal something more serious. Most cases of abdominal pain are mild and have a variety of common causes, such as indigestion or gastritis. Symptoms often resolve quickly on their own or with basic treatment. Abdominal pain,…

Indication of Appendicitis

    Indication of Appendicitis Appendicitis is the most common type of acute stomach pain and can occur in people of all ages, sexes, and is found in over 7% of the population. In this condition, the appendix, a small tube protruding from the large intestine, becomes inflamed. There is no clear…

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) From Head to Toe

      With advancements in medical technology, minimally invasive surgery is the new surgical technique that allows surgeons to perform safe, precise and less invasive surgical procedures. Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok Heart Hospital, and Wattanosoth Hospital are now offering minimally invasive…

3D Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

       Presently there are no foolproof methods for cancer prevention. However,certain cancers such as colon cancer can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer found in men, and is the sixth most common cancer in women, with cases continuing to…

Endoscopic Thyroidectomy

    “Advanced Technology leaves no neck scars” Thyroid Nodules are abnormal growths in the Thyroid Gland and is a common condition throughout Thailand. It is more prevalent in women than men and is caused by: Abnormal Thyroid growth Cyst (s) in the Thyroid gland Tumor, cancer (Thyroid) In…