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Brain Fog: Solutions to Help You Improve Concentration

  Most people have experienced mental fog or brain fog. It is often described as a cloudy-headed feeling. Forgetfulness is a common complaint among older adults. As we grow older, we experience physiological changes that can cause glitches in brain functions we have always taken for granted. It…

The Harmful Effects of Blue Light

Nowadays, most of us spend time staring at a computer or smartphone longer than 6 hours a day. The time we spend staring at our screens is time we spend exposing our eyes to blue light. Many eye doctors are concerned about the effects our screen time could have on our vision and our health, and…

Royal Aesthetic Anti-Aging

“Beauty Inside and Out” This unique program focuses on balancing your health from the inside out, and is specially designed for the comprehensive optimization of your vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and hormone levels to internally prime your body and skin - and ensure long-lasting effects - for…

Exclusive Program

  Food Intolerance Test (232 Food Items) Food Intolerance Test is designed to help detect any hidden food sensitivities by Immunoglobulin G4 to 232 everyday food items that are the causes of many debilitating symptoms. In contrast to other types of allergy, food intolerance’s symptoms are often…

Royal Customized & Tailor-Made Supplements Programs

  At the center, we recognize that no two people are alike. Each and every one of us is different because we all have unique lisestyles, surroundings, occupations, sleep patterns, and stresses. That is why the nutritional supplements dispensed to patients are adjusted specifically to suit your…

Royal Life Genetic Testing (Advance USA)

  The Royal Signature Program: Preventive Genetic Testing The human body consists of billions of cells, each containing a complete copy of our genetic blueprint in its nucleus. The biological information and hereditary traits contained in the nucleus are encoded in its deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA…

Royal Weight Management

The Royal Weight Management Program With the goal of promoting your self-confidence, happiness and physical fitness, our bariatric medicine specialists are going to be be your personal consultants throughout your weight management program. First, we will determine the underlying cause of your…

Royal Age Management

Age management program is a comprehensive health evaluation. This Tailor-Made Program examines the levels of antioxidants in your body to verify that it's sufficient enough to protect you from deterioration and the effects of free radicals. Through analysis of minerals and antioxidants in the body…

Royal Vitamin & Micronutrient

“The Building Blocks to Longevity” Optimum nutrition is the key to preserving a healthy body. Our Royal Vitamins & Micronutrients Program seeks to create a perfect balance of vitamins.  Micronutrients help enrich your body as well as delaying the aging process caused by free radicals. Every…

Adrenal Addict vs. Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Addict vs. Adrenal Fatigue Living in big cities has its rewards and downsides. For many city workers, juggling between work and private life is a daily challenge. Some people try to avoid it while some exploits in because they love the adrenaline rush that comes with the endless meetings…