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Bangkok Hospital’s latest knee surgery solution offers outstanding outcomes


Can’t tolerate the pain in your knees while walking, climbing stairs and getting in and out of chairs? Suffering from chronic knee inflammation, swelling or knee deformities that fail to substantially improve with anti-inflammatory medications and injections? You may be suffering from osteoarthritis in which case you could be a candidate for total knee replacement surgery.

Although osteoarthritis can take away the quality of life, many people are in fear of knee operations and choose to live with agony. Many don’t know that total knee replacement surgery is one of the most effective ways to get back to normal activities within no time.

photo74152Dr. Sarit Hongvilai, M.D., Joint  Reconstruction and Arthroplasty Surgeon, Bangkok Hip and Knee Center, Bangkok Hospital, explained why osteoarthritis patients are in fear of knee surgery and how Bangkok Hospital has come up with a total knee replacement solution that eliminates the worry.

“People with osteoarthritis fear surgical treatments because they doubt the curability and think it will entail unbearable pain and inability to walk afterwards. To eliminate these anxieties, Bangkok Hospital’s experienced Hip and Knee center team has come up with a total Knee replacement solution that offers minimal pain, fast recovery and less muscle trauma, enabling osteoarthritis patients to start walking again in 24 hours.”

Eliminating suspicion of incurability, a Digital Template Computer Program is used for surgical planning. The program enables doctors to customize the size and position of the prosthesis for each individual patient this, in turn, reduces the possibility of fracturing and prolongs the lifespan of the materials.


Digital Template Computer Program

Meanwhile, the Nobel Prize-winning Biplane Imaging (EOS) system, which has only just arrived in Thailand is used to provide orthopaedic surgeons with full-body 3D skeleton imaging. Using this technology takes less than 20 seconds, significantly reducing radiation exposure, while enabling orthopaedic surgeons to make precise diagnosis prior to surgery.

  Full Body X-ray Image to Inspect Leg Discrepancy

To eradicate fear of unbearable pain surgeons utilise pre-and post-pain management, including applying anaesthetics during the surgery. The latest Aquamantys electromagnetic radiation equipment is used for haemostatic sealing eith less pain and minimal injury to surrounding tissue. After surgery, anaesthetics are administered through a tube using the Adductor canal Block technique that reduces anaesthetic volumes and dependence.

Fear of inability to walk after surgery is dispelled by the fast rehabilitation and recovery program. Within 24 hours of surgery. The patient can start  walking on Anti-Gravity Treadmill or Alter G and begin the process of restoring full muscle function. Alter Gprovides an environment that reduces the force exerted by gravity by setting the instrumentation for anything from 20% to 100% of body weight in 1% incremants.

Over 90% of patients eho receive Total Knee Replacemant surgery experience minimal pain and are able to return to their daily activities within 1.5-3.0 months.

Risk factors for osteoarthritis include heredity, gender and age. There in no cure for osteoarthritis, however lifestyle change can slow the course of the disease.

“Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with low-impact exercire, getting plenty of sleep and relaxation, and consuming a healthy diet are simple ways to reduce and manage osteoarthritis symptoms. Losing weight can also reduce pain and deterioration of joint cartilage,” advises Dr.Sarit.


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