“Bring back my confidence” Sports Medicine Surgery to repair injured ligaments and fractures

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“Bring back my confidence” Sports Medicine Surgery to repair injured ligaments and fractures


Treatment experience shared by Wanchat Choosong, a 21-year football player for U-23 Thailand’s national team.

“When I realized that I got an extremely severe injury during the match, I started feeling anxious and worried whether I could get back on track to pursue my football career. I was very fortunate to have Dr. Pakapon Issaragrisil or Dr. Tim as our sports medicine physician for the AFC U23 Asian Cup Qualification. In fact, he has been taking good care of me since I had been injured on the pitch side. To make every step of my treatment plan clear and well understood from day one, he thoroughly explained the whole treatment process of surgery to repair fractures and injured ligaments. This also included rehabilitation treatment and time consumption to achieve a complete recovery. As a result, this brings back my tremendous confidence to return to the field. 


Once my request to receive treatment at BASEM, Bangkok Hospital Headquarters was approved by Thailand’s national team manager, I was totally relieved and confident that my surgery and all treatments would be conducted smoothly with a highly satisfying outcome. This was assured by many of my co-players in the team who have been previously injured and treated here. After treatment, all of them were able to return to the matches and perform without any limitations. So, this is also my aspiration.

Since I had to suspend my trip returning to Thailand for almost 2 weeks, I desperately wished that my surgery could be done as quick as possible, allowing a faster recovery and quick return to the match. However, Dr. Tim clearly pointed out that pre-operative preparation plays a vital role to yield the best possible treatment result. If an inflammation at the affected part keeps worsening and my physical status is not fit for surgery, surgery has to be delayed and recovery time needs to be extended. Before flying back to Thailand, Dr. Tim effectively coordinated with Bangkok Hospital Headquarters and after touch down, I could get my surgery done right away.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Tim (Dr. Pakapon Issaragrisil) –an orthopedic surgeon (sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marut Arunakul –an orthopedic surgeon (foot and ankle) for conducting such an excellent surgery to fix my problem and eradicate my fear. My gratitude is also extended to all nurses at BASEM and in-patient ward for taking good care of me throughout my treatment and recovery period. Rehabilitation care was immediately initiated after the surgery. All imaging results obtained from X-ray before VS after surgery revealed a desirable outcome.  

Now, it has been nearly 2 months after my surgery. I can resume my daily activities, such as walking. Dr. Tim has also coordinated with my football club to arrange a continuous rehabilitation program to accelerate my recovery process as planned. Once again, grateful thanks to Dr. Tim and all staff from Bangkok Hospital for your dedication and bringing back my confidence.”

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