Pancreatic surgery for removal of incidental precancerous pancreatic cyst

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Pancreatic surgery for removal of incidental precancerous pancreatic cyst



Why did you choose Bangkok Hospital Headquarters?

My relatives used to get treatment here for last few years and I get a good feedback from them about this hospital treatment facilities. So, I want to give a try.

How did you know about our surgeon (Dr. Thun Ingkakul)?

I came here for my kidney check-up in October 2019. During the investigation, they found a cyst in my pancreas and for further investigation, I was sent to Dr. Thun Ing kakul.

How was your experience in Bangkok Hospital Headquarters?

The overall experience was wonderful. Dr. Thun explained the treatment procedure in every step. As I had a surgery, I had to go through some other investigation also every doctor was nice. MS staff Sabith Salmon co-ordinated my treatment very well and helped me a lot. Overall the nursing staff and others were nice.

How would you like to recommend Bangkok Hospital to your friends and relatives?

As I received a wonderful service from this hospital, I can definitely say that I will recommend this hospital to my friends and relatives.


Patient of Bangkok Hospital Headquarters. 

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