Hospitel Services

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Hospitel Services


Bangkok Hospital Headquarters in collaboration with nearby hotels offers Hospitel Services to patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Hospitel Services are applicable for green group patients who are presenting with mild or no signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and aged below 60, self-dependent without mental health issues. 

  • Diagnosis of COVID-19 must be made by RT-PCR test only. 
  • Arrangement of Hospitel Services is conducted by BHQ COVID-19 Center. Tel: +662 – 308 – 7195  Service Hours: Everyday. 08.00 am. – 05.00 pm.

Classification of COVID-19 patients based on disease severity

 Green Group 

  • Patients with no or mild signs and symptoms e.g. fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. 

 Yellow Group 

  • Patients with mild to moderate signs and symptoms, shortness of breath (dyspnea) and fast breathing (tachypnea).
  • Patients with at least one of the following risk factors for poor outcomes: 
    1. Age > 60-year-old
    2. Lung and respiratory diseases, e.g. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    3. Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD)
    4. Cardiovascular diseases (including Congenital Heart Disease)
    5. Neurovascular diseases e.g. stroke
    6. Poorly-controlled diabetes
    7. Obesity (weight greater than 90 kg and/or Body Mass Index (BMI > 30 kg/m2)
    8. Liver diseases
    9. Immunodeficiency disorders (defined as low white blood cell counts, less than 1,000 cells/ mm3)

 Red Group 

  • Patients with severe respiratory symptoms, e.g. shortness of breath and trouble breathing. Chest x-ray shows signs of severe pneumonia. 
  • Patients with pneumonia (Fingertip oxygen saturation at rest < 96% or post-exercise fingertip oxygen saturation drops ≥ 3%).

Hospitel สถานพยาบาลผู้ป่วยเฉพาะกิจ

Room types and rates of Hospitel Services 

  1. Studio Room: starting from 4,000 THB/day.
  2. Standard Room: starting from 4,500 THB/day.
  3. Deluxe Room: starting from 6,000 THB/day.
  4. Superior Room: 12,000 THB/day.

Service terms and conditions

  • These prices include room charges, 3 meals a day, hospital service fee, nursing fee and specified medical supply as specified.
  • Due to limitations in number of available rooms, Bangkok Hospital reserves the right to select room type for each case as appropriate. 
  • For more information, please contact: 
    • BHQ COVID-19 Center. Everyday 08.00 am. -05.00 pm. Tel. +662 – 308 – 7195

For more information, please contact