Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with Navigator

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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with Navigator


Afflictions inside the nasal cavity and sinus can occur with varying degree of severity.  If the medical specialist has determined that a surgery is required, today endoscopic nasal cavity and sinus surgery with navigator is another alternative that not only increases the surgery’s effectiveness but shortens its duration also – quickly returning the good quality of life to the patient.

Endoscopic Nasal Cavity and Sinus Surgery with Navigator

Endoscopic nasal cavity and sinus surgery with navigator is a type of procedure utilizing a navigator-assisted endoscope that helps guide the surgeon to the exact location for the surgery.  Then, by means of a surgical implement that has been specifically designed for this type of procedure, the surgeon can perform the operation with confidence that the surgery is at the correct point.  Consequently, this shortens the surgery time, while increasing the procedure’s effectiveness; resulting in a small incision, minimal discomfort, faster recovery, and less recuperation period.


Suitable Candidates for the Procedure

  • A person suffering from chronic sinusitis.
  • A person suffering from rhinitis.
  • A person with deformed nasal septum.
  • A person who has a growth inside the nasal cavity or sinus.
  • A person with nasal cavity cancer.
  • A person whose sinusitis or rhinitis condition has recurred.

Post-Procedure Care

  • Do not retrieve blood absorbent material from the nasal cavity.
  • Drink or take frequent sips of water.
  • Regularly keep some ice in the mouth while also applying ice compression around the forehead or throat during the first week after the surgery.
  • Brush teeth after every meal.
  • Prop up the head while lying down.
  • These conditions will all dissipate naturally within a week: fever, swelling, voice change, or the feeling of a foreign object inside the nose.
  • Avoid forcefully blowing the nose, picking the nose, and any impact to the nose.
  • Avoid heavy lifting, over-exercises, and over-exertion.
  • Take medication and apply nasal drops or spray as instructed by the doctor.
  • 2 days after the surgery, clean the nasal cavity and surgical wound with saline water.
  • Keep doctor’s appointments meticulously until the wound is healed.

In any case, endoscopic nasal cavity and sinus surgery with navigator requires a highly experienced surgeon with specific expertise for a satisfactory operation.  In addition, proper post-procedure care is at the heart of a successful outcome. 

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