Japanese Medical Services (JMS)

The primary objective of establishing the JMS Clinic is to ensure that our Japanese patients receive medical treatment without any anxieties, especially in regards to language issues and cultural gaps.


JMS was first opened in 1977, five years after the establishment of Bangkok Hospital, to meet the demand for a service specialized for Japanese expatriates. The idea behind the project was for Bangkok Hospital to provide direct medical services to Japanese patients without the hassle of using in-between translators, enabling patients and doctors to communicate directly in Japanese.

Several Thai doctors who graduated from Japanese universities have since joined what has now become the JMS Clinic.

The Japanese Medical Services was upgraded in status in  1994 to that of a hospital clinic and the scope of service was increased in order to reflect this significant change. There are now 10 full time and 6 part time Thai doctors working at the JMS Clinic.

JMS staff

As most of the JMS doctors have Japanese medical licenses and experience with working in hospitals in Japan, they can provide not only medical treatment but also pinpoint care to Japanese patients as they can understand the requests from Japanese patients clearly.


Three Japanese nurses take care of the services for medical check up programs, such as providing the check up results in Japanese - the Health Promotion Center provides Japanese expatriates the yearly medical check up everyday. Over 400 Japanese corporate companies with 4,800 are registered with JMS, sending an average of 60 patients to the counter each day.


Even though the medical staff at JMS can speak Japanese, Bangkok Hospital has also employed an additional 16 Japanese interpreters to act as coordinators between the various other centers and clinics around Bangkok Hospital to assist our doctors and nurses during in-patient stays.


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