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Bangkok orthopedic center

Diseases and injuries to the foot and ankle

The Bangkok Orthopedic Center's medical team has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle diseases, whether resulting from accident, sports injury, physical activity, or pain caused by bone deformation and osteoarthritis. The expertise comes from an interdisciplinary team of orthopedic surgeons (foot and ankle specialists), rehabilitation physicians and other physicians, physical therapists, prosthetists, and nurses dedicated to providing integrated and effective patient care, whether surgery or a more conservative treatment is appropriate. Rehabilitation is provided via physical therapy.


Foot and ankle examination service

  • We examine foot and ankle fractures and dislocations using state-of-the- art equipment such as low-profile titanium plates and screws and canulated headless screws, and we practice minimal invasive surgery such as for calcaneal fractures.
  • We examine affected ligaments for foot and ankle injuries, such as acute ankle twists or ankle instability with ensuing pain. Torn  Achilles tendons can be cured with functional treatments such as using semi-rigid ankle braces or CAM boots, and with surgery, which can be endoscopic (involving a small incision, fast recovery, and reduced chance of infection) and in open wound-style.
  • We examine foot and ankle deformities such as flat feet, high arches, and toe deformities that cause pain while walking.
  • We examine foot and ankle osteoarthritis and provide treatment via total ankle replacement, arthroscopic-assisted arthrodesis, or open surgery, depending on what is most appropriate for an individual patient.
  • Foot and ankle examination service
  • Foot health treatment for diabetic patients
  • Custom-made shoes and support accessories (orthotic) such as custom insoles for patients with foot problems under the supervision of a physician.

Treatment Procedure Program (Procedure)

  • Minimal invasive surgery such as for calcaneal fractures
  • Non-surgical treatment of ruptured Achilles tendons using semi-rigid ankle braces or CAM boots
  • Treating ruptured Achilles tendons via surgery with an endoscope
  • Total ankle replacement
  • Arthroscopic-assisted arthrodesis


For more information Please contact: Bangkok Orthopedic Center
1st Floor, Building D (Piano Hall) Bangkok Hospital
Tel. (+66) 2310 3000,1719 (local mobile calls only)