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Bone diseases in children

Pediatric patients are cared by specialized pediatric chiropractors who are highly skilled and experienced and especially understand how to treat young patients, encouraging children to be fully cooperative in their treatment.

Our chiropractors know how to alleviate children&'s natural fear of coming to the hospital. Our patient care services cover emergencies (such as injuries to bones and joints), infections of bones and joints, and specialized care for children's bone diseases such as diseases that sometimes occur in newborn babies whose bones are not yet fully formed, such as having limbs of unequal length and other problems.

In urgent cases such as bone and joint fractures or dislocation, Bangkok Orthopedic Center provides orthopedic specialists ready to administer treatments with state-of- the-art medical equipment for diagnosing even small injuries. We examine patients using CT scans and MRIs as necessary. Appropriate treatments vary, including splinting and using fluoroscopy prior to surgery to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary major incisions. The center emphasizes the practice of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Appropriate treatments reduce the chance of complications. The center also provides a team of physicians specializing in rehabilitation after urgent treatment has been administered. Bone and joint infections are treated with the utmost of urgency; our team of specialists provide immediate consultation and quickly determine the cause of infection. When needed, surgery to reduce bone and tissue destruction is performed quickly.


Many varieties of bone disease can affect children. If bone disease is diagnosed from birth and promptly treated, a child has a greater chance of recovery. In some cases, it may not be necessary for a child to undergo surgery. For example, children with congenital clubfoot can be treated via the Ponseti method. By applying this technique to clubfeet within the first few weeks of a patient's life, most cases of clubfoot (up to 90 percent) can be successfully corrected. The ability to diagnose a bone ailment quickly provides sufficient time to plan appropriate treatments, making successive stages of treatment smooth and effective for patients. A quick diagnosis also increases the number of treatment options, reduces costs, and minimizes complications that sometimes arise with certain treatments.

The malformation of limbs is a common problem. This ailment may be congenital, or a consequence of injury or disease. The center uses a variety of techniques to treat these malformations. To save resources but make treatment as effective as possible, we utilize a medical tool called the Ilizarov External Fixator, invented by a Russian physician to treat complex malformations. It provides a versatile fixation system for managing bony deformities, fractures, and complications arising from limbs of unequal length. Some operative corrections of bowlegs are done by using more modern equipment (navigators) for higher precision.

Leg length discrepancy is corrected using surgical techniques with small incisions. Children can walk only one to two days after surgery. Their legs will gradually equalize in length. If any other problems are found together with leg length discrepancy, additional treatments are implemented to heal them.


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