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For medical emergency please call +662 310 3000 or 1719 (Local calls)
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BDMS Emergency Services (BES)

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation


BDMS Emergency Services are dedicated to improving the quality and safety of medical transport service for patients need basic life support, advanced life support, critical care, and specialty care. A CAMTS &  CAMTS GLOBAL accredited medical transport service demonstrates to the public that it cares about quality of patient care and safety and is committed to doing things right. The comprehensive audit provided by CAMTS &  CAMTS GLOBAL to determine compliance with the accreditation standards provides a medical transport service with the ability to identify opportunities to streamline costs and enhance effectiveness. There are also risk management program and comprehensive training in BDMS simulation center

Our aim is to save the lives of patients by getting them to emergency treatment as quickly and safely as possible.

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What will happen When you call BDMS Emergency Services: BES?

1. Emergency Medical Services : Thailand Domestic Calls 1724 (Dispatch Center) and13 Hospitals (Bases)

  • Our multilingual team of emergency call operators are ready 24 hours a day.

  • Specialist physicians and nurses provide preliminary care advice.

  • Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment planning begin immediately, ready to be passed on to the receiving medical facility.

  • Determine the fastest route to the nearest and most capable medical facility.

  • Assessment of transfer cost.

    • BDMS Emergency Services Team:

      • 34 Medical Control Physicians
      • 28 Clinical Care Supervisors
      • 18 Call Takers
      • 4 Emergency Medical Dispatchers
      • 3 Flight Co-Ordinator
      • 6 Sea Communication Specialists

2. Inter-facility Transfer of Patients: Transportation Logistic “bed-to-bed

  • emergency physicians / other specialists and nurses will be with the patient at all times during evacuation, whether by Surface Critical care, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, Air Ambulance, Commercial flight, or Hydrolance (Boat Ambulance) in Thailand and abroad.
    • Surface Critical care
      • 79 Ambulances
        Surface Transport Team:
        • 151 Ambulance Physicians
        • 239 Ambulance Nurses
        • 134 EMTs
        • 91 Porters
        • 56 Ambulance Drivers
      • 3 Motorlances at Bangkok Hospital and Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital
      • 2 Hydrolances (Boat Ambulance) Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
    • Aero Medical Transport
      • 3 Fixed wings - Cessna Citation X (HS-KCS)
        และ Cessna Citation Bravo (HS-MED, HS-EMT) Operate by MJETS
      • 2 Rotor wings (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) - Sky ICU’ Registration: HS-BHQ & HS-BHS Operate by BHS
        Air Transport Team:
        • 9 Flight Medical Directors
        • 14 Flight Physicians
        • 17 Flight Nurses
  • Relay of critical information and treatment plans to the receiving hospital for continuity of treatment.


3. Medical Escort

  • Advise, evaluate and coordinate the repatriation.
  • Plan the most suitable route and mode of transport.
  • Accompanied by emergency medicine personnel and other specialists with all necessary medical equipment to ensure a safe and stable repatriation for the patient.

4. Access to High Quality Healthcare Providers:

  • Our medical transport systems are accredited by CAMTS US & CAMTS GLOBAL
  • Trauma patients are referred to medical facilities within the BDMS Trauma Care Network.
  • Emergency evacuation to the nearest suitable medical facility or over 50 BDMS network hospitals nationwide.

Helipad Bases

Bangkok Hospital Helipad is purpose-built to receive patients from Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (Sky ICU) for safe and speedy transfer to the Emergency Room.



Emergency Medical Services : Call 1724 (Local Hotline), 662-BANGKOK (International Line)