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BDMS Medevac Center

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation



BDMS Medevac Center handles emergency calls throughout Thailand and neighboring countries. These calls are
responded to by medical evacuation and repatriation professionals selected from the BDMS hospital network’s
Emergency/CCU teams. All team members have completed special training in aviation medicine and aeromedical
transport. These doctors and nurses are highly experienced in ALS, cardiology, pediatrics and neonatology. Our
ambulance drivers are EMT B-qualified.

Comprehensive modes of transportation

Emergency evacuation by air, land or sea will be dispatched as appropriate using our dedicated CAMTS*-
accredited ambulance fleet, which consists of:

  • 47 advanced level ground ambulances - Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Commuter


  • Motorcycle ambulances - in the case of heavy traffic or road conditions that warrant their use: carrying BLS and a doctor or nurse who will stabilize patients on location until further help arrives


  • Boat ambulances to reach patients on islands

  • Air ambulance ATR 72-500 (two-engine, range 825 nautical miles) with two patient configuration, large
    cargo door, motorized patient loading, cabin altitude restriction, working space for intensive care and
    special equipment, special mounting for incubator and transport ECMO

  • Air ambulance Hawker 800, range 2,390 nautical miles

  • Air ambulance Cessna Citation Bravo, range 1,744 nautical miles

  • Helicopter ambulance Airbus H145, range 442 nautical miles

  • Helicopter ambulance Eurocopter EC14, range 370 nautical miles

Each ground and air ambulance can be configured with

  • Transport ECMO


  • IABP

  • Incubator


  • Isolation unit

and the strictest infection control procedures in ALS, BLS and Special-Care ambulances. Ground ambulance
departure is guaranteed within two minutes. Timely and effective patient case management is ensured via our
integrated digital and patient tracking system.

BDMS Medevac Center is fully equipped to facilitate long-haul air repatriation worldwide, and our doctors and nurses
are trained to provide the highest level of care in these circumstances, in addition to their specific expertise. To
date BDMS Medevac Center has conducted repatriation missions to Australia, Europe, North America, Africa and
*Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems


BDMS Medevac Center
One Network, All Access Simply dial: Thailand Domestic Calls 1724
International Calls +66 2  BANGKOK +66 2 226 4565