Arabic Medical Services

Bangkok Hospital’s Arabic Medical Services (AMS) department was first opened in 2006 in an effort to better support our Arabic speaking patients.  The goal of the service department was to create an environment that catered to both the cultural and language needs of Arabic patients.

Since its inception, there has been a steady increase in the number of Arabic speaking doctors, nurses and support staff that have joined the AMS.  This, in addition to the over 40 interpreters throughout the hospital, allows us to provide seamless patients services to our Arabic patients and their families.

The AMS also serves as an information center with the full complement of clinical brochures and hospital information. A popular meeting point for our Arabic patients, the AMS removes any anxiety patients may have about potential language barriers and culture gaps.

Another service provided by the AMS are specially tailored check-up programs separated by gender and age. The AMSCheck-up Programs aim to target and reduce common health risks and uncover potential health problems in order to prevent or treat conditions in the early stages.

For more information, please contact
Arabic Medical Services
1st Floor, Wattanosoth Building