Hypertension Clinic

Presently, high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the major causes of cardiovascular complications including stroke and kidney conditions. Focusing primarily on high blood pressure is not the most effective treatment as such our medical staff takes into account
other factors that may be affecting the patient such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity,and gout to name a few examples. Your doctor will create a plan to treat and lower high blood pressure that is personalized and effective.

Hypertension is more common than one may think, it is present in half of the male population aged 60-69 years and is found in 3 out of 4 individuals aged 70 and above. There are anumber of factors that has contributed to the rise of hypertension including obesity, high
sodium intake (salty foods), lethargy, insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, and overconsumption of alcohol.


More than 90% of patients will be unable to pinpoint the causes of their hypertension;
however they would largely attributed to these two significant factors:

  1. Hereditary Factors: Individuals who have a family history of hypertension have a higher chance of developing the condition themselves, especially in cases where both parents have high blood pressure.
  2. Environmental Factors: These are factors that can be affected by a patient’s own habits such as: obesity, diabetes, intake of salty (high sodium) foods, alcohol consumption,and smoking.
  3. Mild-Medium Hypertension: Often at this stage symptoms are unclear; however there is a slow gradual deterioration of organs that will lead to further complications such as heart failure, thickening of heart muscle, and kidney damage. As such, hypertension has been dubbed the “silent killer”
  4. Severe Hypertension: At this stage symptoms are more evident and include nosebleeds, temporary loss of sight in one eye, easily fatigued, dizziness, and throbbing headaches. However, these symptoms are not conclusive as they may be symptoms of other illnesses such as fever, stress, migraines, etc. As such, it is important to receive diagnosis and consult with a specialist to treat hypertension. One the blood pressure is lowered significantly the aforementioned symptoms will disappear.

hypertension clinic

At the Bangkok Hypertension Clinic we also offer:

  • Diagnosis of other risk factors and illnesses
  • Determine exact causes of hypertension
  • Evaluation of damage done to organs as a result of hypertension  Desired Blood Pressure Levels
  • Normal Blood pressure  <  140/90
  • With diabetes should be <  130/80
  • With kidney problems    <  120/80

Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure before it worsens

  1. Maintaining a healthy body weight
  2. Dietary approaches to stop Hypertension (DASH), includes a diet plan that is high on fruits and vegetables and low on saturated fats
  3. Reduce Sodium Intake: by eating less salty foods and foods containing high amounts of MSG
  4. Regular Exercise: Especially recommended is Aerobic Exercise rather than endurance activities
  5. Reduce alcohol consumption: Should not consume more than 1-2 servings
  6. Stop Smoking: Smoking cigarettes causes temporary hypertension and will cause arteries to narrow leading to further complications. The combination of high blood pressure left untreated and smoking can be deadly.
  7. Avoid stress: If possible you should strive to make sure your home and work environment are stress  free as possible
  8. Take medication as instructed by your doctor
  9. Inform your physician regarding the different types of medication you are currently taking such as contraceptives and pain killers
  10. Follow doctor’s guidelines on medication
  11. If any medication gave you an uneasy feeling please inform your doctor immediately (dosage may need to be adjusted)
  12.  Take medication regularly and consistently as instructed until advised to stop
  13. Check blood pressure regularly: In cases where a patient may have a blood pressure monitor at home the doctor will provide instruction for home use. For home use, it is advised to check blood pressure once a week or when you experience stress or headaches. Recordings should be made with regards to date, time, and results.

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