Occupational Health Center

Bangkok Hospital is a healthcare provider that is accountable for adhering to the protection of environment, occupational health, and safety of customers, hospital personnel and public.

To fulfill this commitment, the hospital will:

  • Strictly comply with the environmental, occupational health and safety practices in compliance with the administrative rules and regulations.
  • Reduce environmental burden and prevent pollution by waste management and water pollution control in compliance with effluent standard. Maximize the utilization of current raw material and natural resource. Prevent the spread of infections, disease outbreak, and work-related injuries within the hospital. Promote good indoor air quality and good personal hygiene in workplace. Ensure the continual improvement of environmental management system.
  • Educate and promote the environmental awareness and the surveillance in occupational health and safety among hospital personnel, outsource employees and public.
  • Allocate sufficient and appropriate resources for the implementation of environmental, occupational health and safety policy.

Dr. Matinee Maipang
Assistant Chief Executive Officer – Group 1 Hospital Director, Bangkok Hospital

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Occupational Health Center
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