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A comprehensive dental care covering all dimensions.

Create Your Perfect Smile

Perfect smile is derived from healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Comprehensive dental care is individually designed to be best suited for different age groups. Proper tooth alignment in children and adolescents is essential in order to boost confidence and enhance self-esteem required while working in the future. Whereas dental care in older adults focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental problems associated with aging. Dental Center at Bangkok Hospital is committed to provide holistic dental care by highly experienced dentists and multidisciplinary team supported by cutting-edge technology in advanced dentistry.  

At Bangkok Hospital Dental Center we have adopted a unique and highly effective multidisciplinary approach to dental care. With an emphasis on teamwork, cooperation and consultation among the various specialties, we are able to achieve the highest levels of quality care.

Dedicated to providing the highest levels of comprehensive quality dental care, our center is internationally accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), a US-based organization widely seen as the gold standard for everlasting top-tier health care service providers worldwide.

Our highly trained team of over 100 specialties offers services in the following:

Pediatric Dentistry Fresh Breath Clinic Services


Bangkok Hospital Dental Center provides the highest level of expertise in dental services by our qualified and experienced specialists. With a wide range of different dental specialties, we consistently work as a team and place an emphasis on achieving comprehensive dental care using the benefit of up-to- date dental technologies in every field.

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