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The heart of Bangkok Hospital Dental Center Holistic Care and Dental Implant is to keep your oral care healthy.  We are ready to make you smile with confidence in every stage of your life.  Our personalized oral care program is planned by our experienced dental specialists.  Together with our high technology equipment, we can restore your dental health and complete oral care.  Whether it is for aesthetic to align your teeth to enhance your personality, dental implant to improve your quality of your daily life or repair and restore your damaged teeth, we can comprehensively answer all of your oral problems.

Our Services

Bangkok Hospital Dental Center Holistic Care and Dental Implant provides the following services:

  1. Multi Space: dental implant, root canal treatment, including dental surgery
  2. Prime Space: Prosthodontics such as veneers, one-day crown, ceramic fillings, etc.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

Our Uniqueness

  • Dental Examination Room: we emphasize on internal ventilation system to ensure that all of our patients and dentist teams have clean and pure air.  Each of our examination room has separate system with standard circulation rate of 24 ACH (air change per hour) and exhaust system, according to Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Health.  So, you can be sure that you are in a clean environment every time you come for your treatment.  
  • Digital Lab & Studio: we are ready to create dental restoration with our Digital CAD-CAM.   Our Intraoral Scanner can create digital impression data of your oral cavity at no time for effective viewing and treatment.
  • X-Ray Room: we thoroughly diagnose and assess our treatment through Digital Intraoral X-Ray, Digital Extraoral X-Ray and 3D Cone Beam CT to program dental implant.
  • Negative Pressure Room: Negative pressure room is used to control the risk of possible spread of respiratory infections from COVID-19 patients and others affected airborne diseases who need emergency oral care.  The room will have 24 ACH (negative pressure -5 Pa) and exhaust system to remove waste air from the room. There is also a HEPA filter 13, which is a high-quality air filter meeting the standards of the Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Health to ensure purified air quality to prevent infectious agents.
  • Waiting Area: our waiting area is modern, spacious, convenient and comfortable.  Patients can choose any program that they like or relax and enjoy their own activity while waiting for the treatment.

Our Dental Specialist Team

Bangkok Hospital Dental Center Holistic Care and Dental Implant offers highly skilled and experienced dental specialists in various fields to help you manage comprehensive oral health care. 

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

1) Pediatric Dentistry

We offer a wide range of options from consultation, care, treatment and preventive measures for any oral and teeth problems for children from newborn to 15 years old.  For example, dental check-up and x-ray, dental cleaning and fluoride treatment, sealants to protect cavities, filling, root canal, dental crown, tooth extraction, and dental space maintainer. 

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

2) Orthodontics

We manage and correct mal-positioned teeth by “aligning” them to the right position without causing any harm to nearby teeth and tissues.  Choose many kinds of methods from fixed to removable transparent braces. The fixed braces are metallic and ceramic braces, while Invisalign is the removable transparent type which is becoming more popular.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

3) Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

This surgical treatment involves teeth, bones, soft tissues around the head, neck, face and jaws such as tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, jawbone surgery, cyst removal, as well as emergency treatments such as oral and nearby areas that are infected.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

4) Prosthetic Dentistry

The purpose of prosthetic dentistry is to restore and create the missing parts of the teeth by using tooth-like material to replace the missing part for usage and aesthetic such as ceramic veneer, dental crown, dentures or dental bridge.  The main benefit of prosthetic dentistry is for the patient to use their teeth effectively and most naturally.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

5) Implant Dentistry

This is a method of replacing natural tooth by creating a dental implant that looks like a screw to attach to the jawline.  It can replace the missing tooth while giving the closest feeling to your natural tooth.  The fixed implant such as an implant-supported crown and implant bridge or removable dentures.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

6) Maxillofacial Prosthetics

The work aims to create an artificial part of organs around face and mouth that are defect, especially jaw and face.  For example:

  1. Intraoral such as palatal obturator (roof of the mouth), soft palate prostheses, medialization laryngoplasty, etc.
  2. Extraoral such as eye, eye socket, nose, etc.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

7) Endodontics

The procedure involves infection treatment by removing damaged dental pulp from nerve cavity and root canal, cleaning, sterilizing and filling tooth canal and nerve cavity before restoration and crowning.  

It is a sophisticated procedure which needs a microscope to visualize the root canal effectively. 

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

8) Periodontics

The treatment focuses on inflammatory disease around teeth such as gum, periodontal ligament, root canal and alveolar bone.  The procedure is to remove plaque and bacteria through scaling, root planing and gum surgery.

9) TMJ & Craniofacial Pain

This procedure heals orofacial pain and sleep bruxism, headaches and sleep disordered breathing, as well as correction of malocclusion.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

10) Oral Medicine

We provide check-up, diagnosis and treatment for oral soft tissue lesions such as oral ulcers, oral mucosa inflammation, blister, oral pigmentation, oral cancer, burning mouth syndrome, dry mouth and dysgeusia or taste disorder.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

11) Operative & Esthetic Dentistry

The treatment involves restoration of damaged tooth to its normal function, as well as esthetic such as tooth filling, inlay, onlay, dental crown, ceramic veneer.  This includes repairment of color and shape and retore any materials that are worn-out.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

12) General Dentistry

We provide oral check-up, cleaning and treatment for gum and teeth to keep them healthy and longlasting. Our procedure includes general check-up, scaling and polishing, tooth filling, cleaning coffee and tea stains using airflow and whitening.

ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม ศูนย์ทันตกรรมรากเทียมกรุงเทพ คลินิกเฉพาะทางด้านทันตกรรม

Bangkok Hospital Dental Center Holistic Care and Dental Implant with JCI Standard

The Bangkok Hospital Dental Center Holistic Care and Dental Implant achieved the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation standards which focus mainly on the safety of the patients. Using current dental technology which is rapidly evolving, we offer comprehensive oral healthcare including prevention and treatment to our patients. Each dental equipment has been tested to meet required standards. Our team of dental health professionals are continuously improving service quality and dental knowledge. With over 120 dental health professionals in multidisciplinary service team, we are ready to care for all our patient’s needs from Invisalign, root canal, digital smile design, one-day crown, to elderly care and special dental requirements as well as pediatric dentistry, etc.

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