Children's Skin Clinics

Children’s Skin Clinics at Bangkok Hospital is ready to care for children from newborns to the age of 18, with our team of experienced pediatric dermatologists and multidisciplinary specialists.  Skin rash in children is common, but it can be worrisome for the parents.  Sometimes it causes itches that come and go, yet affects their daily life.  Therefore, it should be treated as quickly as possible.  The most common types of rash found in children are acute urticaria, chronic urticaria, skin allergies, birthmarks, erythema toxicum, keloid, acne in children and teens, hair loss in children, skin cancer, vitiligo, psoriasis, blister, nail disease, and skin infection – such as warts and rice warts, among others.  

Services of the Children’s Skin Clinics

  • Pediatric dermatologists are ready to provide consultation, advice, treatment and care in every detail.
  • Holistic care by pediatric dermatologists together with a qualified multidisciplinary team.
  • Additional services appropriate to the disease.
  • Provide sensitive care toward parent’s and child’s emotions. 

Medical Equipment and Treatments

  • Provide information and awareness about the cause of the disease
  • Root cause of the disease diagnosis
  • State-of-the-art imaging and recording system
  • Internationally recognized medical equipment
  • Additional diagnosis tools utilizing Dermoscope and Artificial Intelligence
  • Disease analysis with UV Wood’s Lamp
  • Pediatric Mole Mapping to record images of the entire body for skin cancer screening.
  • Treatment with liquid nitrogen as a freezing agent
  • Nail lesion analysis
  • Biopsy analyses
  • Toys for patients to enjoy and relax with during examination. 

Steps to Receive the Services

  1. Call for an appointment at your convenience
  2. Provide detail of symptoms 
  3. Come in for the appointment
  4. Provide medical history, receive physical examination – the pediatrician may also request additional tests
  5. Specialist provides treatment and recommendations
  6. Follow-up appointment accordingly.

Specialist Team

Dr. Lillada Anuntarumporn