Child Epilepsy and Brain Center

Child Epilepsy and Brain Center, Bangkok Hospital, is ready to take care of children with epilepsy by pediatric neurologists and multidisciplinary team with our advance treatment options designed specifically for complex cases. It is a collaboration between pediatric neurologists and many specialists in various fields, using   sophisticated equipment, such as MRI, Long Term Video EEG Monitoring, Genetic Testing, etc.  Furthermore, our Advance Epilepsy Clinic is also available for planning and treatment of epileptic children who are drug-resistant, so they can return to their healthy happy selves as soon as possible.  

Equipment and Treatment Techniques

  • EEG Monitor
  • Radiologic Diagnosis
  • Genetic Testing
  • Anti-epileptic medications
  • Advance Treatment Options include Presurgical Evaluation, Epilepsy Surgery, Vagus Nerve Stimulator and Ketogenic Diet

Service Procedure

  1. Schedule an appointment at your convenience
  2. Provide details of symptoms
  3. Come to the hospital as scheduled
  4. Physician will ask for the patient’s medical history, conduct regular physical examination, and possibly additional diagnostics according to the patient’s symptom(s)
  5. Treatment and care by medical specialists
  6. Follow-up appointment by medical specialists.

Team of Specialists:

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