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Frequently Asked Questions for Tourists and Travelers

Welcome to the Non Residents Section of FAQ which is applicable to Medical Travelers and Tourists with visiting status into Thailand.

Q1. Do you take foreign currency and credit cards for payments?

Yes, payments are accepted by:

  • Cash Payments (Thai Baht & US Dollars)*

  • All major Credit Cards

  • Traveler Cheques in US Dollars, Euro, GBP and Yen

  • Transfer into Bangkok Hospital Account

  • Worldwide travel and/or health insurance payment.

* For other currencies, please check with the hospitals billing department. Exchange rates are based on daily, local bank rates.


Q2. What health and medical insurance coverage do you accept?

Our hospital accepts most major and worldwide medical and health insurance plans, however we encourage you to check with our billing department.

Procedures for insurance claim:

  • Required documents:

    • Copy of original, valid passport
    • Copy of insurance coverage plan or membership card
    • Insurance or membership card’s policy number
    • Insurance claim form (if any)
  • Procedures include:

    • Photocopies of required documents will be made by our staff.
    • Relevant documents that may be helpful in the process.
    • Our billing department, along with medical and treatment details provided by our doctors, will be liaised with the insurance company for verification and approval of the patient’s medical expenses.
    • Patients will be responsible for the full or the unpaid balances, including rendered cost and services, which are not covered by the insurance company.

Important note:

Overseas medical and health insurers may require at least two business days to process each insurance requests.

Patients will be responsible for the full payment, including personal expenses, at the time of discharge prior to the approval or completion from the insurance provider.


Q3. If my medical visitation requires me to overstay my entry visa, what are some of my alternatives?

There are several factors that can and may affect your visa requirements, including the need for application, prior to your arrival, and the possibilities of extending your stay permit in Thailand. Below are a few guidelines that may help you plan your trip and visa requirements.

  • Prior to your arrival:

We encourage you to speak to our medical faculties whereby our doctors will provide you with the details of the treatments and therapies that you may need.

With these detailed medical information, we recommend you to consult the type of visa and its duration with the Royal Thai Consulates or Embassies that may be available in your country. Our concierge will be able to assists you further and / or liaise by providing you with additional references as needed.

  • Visa extensions while admitted at Bangkok Hospitals:

Our concierge will be able to facilitate with the visa extension process, in the event that your stay needs to be prolonged, while being admitted at Bangkok Hospitals. The extension may take up to seven days of which we highly recommend all our patients to check their visa expiration dates. Overstay fine is 500 Baht / per day by the Thai Immigrations.

The prevailing visa extension fee is 1,900 Baht + 350 Baht service surcharge. All fees and surcharges are payable by the patient.


Q4. How do I find check-up programs or healthcare promotional packages?

All of our 13 hospitals throughout Thailand offer special healthcare promotions and packages.

For more details, please visit our website under Promotion.


Q5. My family would be traveling with me during my visitation; can the hospital accommodate their stay?

All of our affiliated hotels and serviced apartments provide accommodations for our patients that may prefer to reside off-premises or within a more private environment with family and friends.


Q6. Can I undergo my treatments at several locations of Bangkok Hospital as I plan to travel within Thailand?

Yes, we have 13 medical facilities throughout Thailand that provides our patients the ease and convenience to setting up appointments and follow-ups or for treatments.


Q7. Should I need to repatriate to my home country, while undergoing treatments at your hospital, are there medical escort services available?

We offer well-trained, experienced doctors and nurses who are available to escort patients back to their home country, via commercial or charter flights.

For more details, please visit our website under Emergency Services


Q8. Does your hospitals provide airport to hospital pick up and drop off services for your patients?

We offer vehicles ranging from salon to luxury limousines*, including commuter vans, to accommodate the capacity and requirements of your needs. Our transportation services are chauffeured-driven and are also available for personal-hire or point-to-point basis.

Discerning visitors and VIPs can also request for Fast Track* services.

* Some services may not be available at all locations, please check with the hospital’s concierge.


Q9. Do you offer special privileges and membership programs?

At Bangkok Hospitals, we offer special privileges and benefits called Chivawattana MyHeath Membership, available at all 13 locations.

For more details, please visit our website under the ‘Chivawattana’ link.

For more details, please visit our website under Chivawattana Membership Program


Q10: Where can I find more information on inpatient rooms and its facilities?

Please visit our medical facilities through our Photo Gallery and Virtual Tour

For more details, please visit our website under Photo Gallery and Virtual Tour



Q11. How can I make a doctor’s appointment?

Dr. Appointments can be made:

  • By Telephone:

    • International Callers +66.2310.3000, +66.2755.1000
    • Contact Center 1719

Viewers can make Doctor’s Appointment by:

  • Direct access under Quick Links to ‘Doctors & Appointments

  • Selecting doctor profiles from:

    • Conditions & Treatments found under Quick Links
    • Medical services found under Our Services menu


Q12. Where are your hospitals located?

We have several facilities throughout Thailand. Click on the cities to see more details about the location and the facilities:

  1. Bangkok

  2. Phrapadaeng

  3. Pattaya

  4. Rayong

  5. Chantaburi

  6. Trat/Koh Chang

  7. Phuket

  8. Hat Yai

  9. Samui

  10. Nakhon Ratchasima


Q13. Are there information that I can look up on certain symptoms and its treatments?

Please visit our Conditions & Treatments section.

For more details, please visit our website under Conditions & Treatments.

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