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Emergency or Unplanned Inpatient Services

In the event of an emergency or an un-planned inpatient visit, your insurance provider may still provide coverage for your treatment. To ensure payment, please follow these steps:

  1. You will be asked to present the following items upon arrival at the hospital:
    • Passport
    • Current medical insurance certificate or card
    • Any other documents required by your insurance company for identification purposes

      Please note that Bangkok Hospital reserves the right to refuse policies from certain insurance companies at our own discretion. We will advise you immediately if we cannot work with your insurance provider.

  2. Your physician will write a detailed medical report with your treatment plan.
  3. Our International 3rd Party Payer Services team will coordinate with your insurance provider for the approval of a Guarantee of Payment for your medical expenses.
  4. The insurance provider then evaluates and makes a decision on coverage.  Normally a Guarantee of Payment will be sent to Bangkok Hospital within 24-48 hours.  Despite your having an insurance policy, there may be times when the insurance provider does not provide a Guarantee of Payment within this time period.  Possible reasons for this may include:

    • Verification process of the insurance provider
    • Time needed to process the application and/or length of stay may be insufficient to afford the insurance provider adequate time
    • Differences in time zones, weekends or bank holidays
    • Pre-existing conditions or exclusions
    • Terms and conditions of your policy
  5. If there is a delay and the documents are not produced by the time you have been discharged, we will not be able to process your insurance claim.  You will be required to pay the bill in full by cash or credit card and then file for reimbursement directly with your insurance company.
  6. You are always required to pay any excess amount at the time of your discharge.  The excess amount may include such expenses as insurance co-payments, room rates that exceed your insured limit, or personal expenses such as telephone calls that are in addition to our included services.
  7. Complete insurance information must be submitted during your admission.  We will not be able to process any insurance claims after you have been discharged.

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