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Breast Conserving Surgery

Sep 15, 2011
Breast Conserving Surgery

Sometimes called ‘breast conservation’ or ‘breast preservation’ surgery, a partial mastectomy or a lumpectomy (in reference to the removal of the tumor, or ‘lump’), breast conserving surgery is an operation that completely removes the breast cancer along with a rim of normal breast tissue around it, while most of the normal breast is saved.

The procedure is an option available to patients if the cancer is small enough in comparison to the size of the breast to allow removal of the cancer and some of the healthy tissue around it while leaving an acceptable appearance.

Breast conserving surgery generally takes up to 1½ hours, and the patient may remain in the hospital anywhere from a day to a week, depending on her individual situation.

Following surgery, there will be a scar on the breast that will become less noticeable over time.

With advanced surgical techniques, cosmetic results are generally excellent for most women after breast conserving therapy, in other words, the treated and untreated breasts are nearly identical.

In some cases, the shape and size of the breast treated may be different from the other and affect symmetry, and the patient may choose to have breast reconstruction surgery, or surgery to reduce the size of the other breast. We recommend that you discuss these options with your doctor.

At Wattanosoth Hospital, a specialized team of surgeons, radiologists, medical oncologists, out-patient and in-patient nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists work with our team of care-givers to educate each breast cancer patient on the procedure as well as self-care, monitor each patient’s treatment, and provide her with the support necessary to assure the best outcome and quality of life.

That we received ‘Condition or Disease Specific Certification’ from Joint Commission International (JCI) for our Breast Conserving Therapy Program attests to the success of these efforts. Accreditation and certification by JCI is considered the gold standard for top-level healthcare service providers worldwide seeking to provide patients with safe, high-quality medical services.

You can read more about Wattanosoth Hospital’s Breast Cancer Conserving Therapy Program here.

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