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Reader’s Digest: Exclusive Interview

Sep 01, 2010

Bangkok Hospital was recently awarded Most Trusted Brand in the healthcare service category by Reader’s Digest at the Annual Trusted Brand Awards 2010.

Our newsletter editor spoke exclusively with Dr. Chatree Duangnet, CEO of Bangkok Hospital Medical Center.


Dr. Chatree, did you anticipate that Bangkok Hospital would be the winner of this year’s Trusted Brands?

>>> Dr. Chatree:

As a nation, we have become a very strong player in the field of international medical services and medical tourism. Our Bangkok Hospital brand operates 13 hospitals that provide quality medical care and continue to excel in offering specialized skills, advanced technology and modern equipment, and caring teams of medical faculty – winning the award reinforces our mission and I am privileged to share in the honor.


You stated that “as a nation we have become a very strong player in the field of international medical services and medical tourism” – how do you differentiate Bangkok Hospital?

>>> Dr. Chatree:

We differentiate our brand by specializing in tertiary care. For example, the Bangkok Heart Hospital is devoted entirely to cardiac illness, and treatment is provided by highly trained cardiologists and state-of-the-art equipment such as the daVinci robotic surgery system and the 256 multi-slice detector. The same foundation applies for Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital. They are stand alone hospitals, not clinics or departments.


With the high level of commitment that Bangkok Hospital has for its patrons, have things changed much over the years?

>>> Dr. Chatree:

Yes, there have been several milestones throughout our 38 years of providing healthcare to our fellow countrymen and international patrons as we grew from our successive strengths.

If you have seen the latest aerial photo of our facility, I believe it’s on our website, you might remember that in the beginning we had just one building which was then surrounded by what looked like rice paddies. Today we are home to numerous specialized clinics and hospitals and rank among the most technologically sophisticated hospitals in the world.

The people that once came to visit us as little children are now bringing their own children and families when they need medical services. This is a testament to the level of trust we have earned. And if you visit our International Welcome Center, you will see that we cater to people from all corners of the world, making sure they have access to amenities and can enjoy the same conveniences as they would back home. And all these achievements are what I believe are reflected in the awards we have received, JCI certifications, and the recent Readers Digest recognition.

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