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Custom LASIK

Advanced Eye Measurement

At the center, experience has shown that no two patients have the same cornea shape, even if they used the same eyeglass prescription. Since the natural shape of human cornea is aspheric, our custom LASIK procedure takes a much more sophisticated approach to measuring the eye before surgery. By using computer imaging called Wavefront technology and the Carl Zeiss Meditec (MEL 80) excimer laser with its state-of-the-art eye tracking and broad range of options, our custom LASIK can obtain an optical 'fingerprint' of each individual patient's eyes and gauge the exact measurements of refraction and corneal curvature to guide the treatment.

For our patients, the greatest benefit of Wavefront-guided LASIK is that you can leave the hospital with perfectly clear vision, and in many cases have better night vision than you did with your contacts or glasses.

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