Maintain a Healthy Weight with the 2:1:1 Formula


Maintain a Healthy Weight with the 2:1:1 Formula 

We can control our weight by following the 2:1:1 formula, this means avoiding foods high in animal fat (which are hard to digest), foods that are too sweet or too salty. Rather your diet should primarily compose of fruits and vegetables whilst maintain a regular exercise program. 

The 2:1:1 Formula 

  • 2 portions or half of your meal should consist of various vegetables (of more than two types such as cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, etc.). 
  • 1 Portion of your meal should consist of carbs; however it would be best if they were the healthy type such as brown rice.
  • 1 Portion of your meal can consists of protein i.e. low-fat meat, when buying meat it is recommended to look for low-fat options. Fish is a good option for protein and is lower in fat than other meats. 

Fruit and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and are high in fiber. Making them the main component of your diet can help to prevent diseases and boost your immunity. Combined with healthy dietary choices, it is also important to exercise regularly. 

Ministry of Health