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Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Minimal Pain ...Faster Recovery
Walking within 24 hours

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Pain or discomfort around the hip and knee area, bowed leg, knock knees, elongated distance between knees, clicks and sounds while moving, inability to fully extend, difficulty getting up or sitting down, and difficulty navigating stairs are all symptoms of hip and knee arthritis. This can lead to constant pain and discomfort as well as be major obstacle to a person's daily life. These conditions do not only occur in the elderly, but also in younger working age individuals who are also at risk.

Bangkok & Knee Center offers diagnosis and treatment of patients with hip and knee conditions that include:

  • Hip arthritis, Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoarthritis or joints that were damaged by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, osteoarthritis as a result of an accident, torn ligaments and broken bones, subluxation, joints destroyed by infection
  • Avascular necrosis of femoral head, Osteonecrosis of the knee
  • Irregularities and abnormalities in hip and knee shapes such as bowed leg
  • Herniated Disc
  • Congenital Hip Dislocation
  • Complications that may occur from an initial surgery i.e. loosening of implants and prosthetics, bone that has been damaged from loosened joints, inability to bend knees following insertion of prosthetic, broken bones following an implant procedure, infection following an implant procedure  


Symptoms and Treatments of Osteoarthritis Guidlines for Care

  • The Total Joint Care approach is a comprehensive one-stop service that incorporates different approved treatment methods in order to return patients to a good quality of life.

  • Experience: A vastly experienced team of doctors and medical consultants with the knowledge and ability to tackle complications that may occur after surgical treatment.

  • Patient and Family Education: Provide important relevant information to patient and relatives about a condition Making the choice of treatment a joint decision-making proccess.

  • Multidisciplinary Care by a team of doctors, nursing staff, and physiotherapists a with a diverse field of expertise to ensure patients can return to a better quality of life.

  • Advanced Surgical Technology via quality operating rooms, surgical space suits to prevent infection which will and the Laminar Air Flow an air filter system to improve air circulation, ventilation, and prevent limit dust particles.


Futhermore, at the Bangkok Hip and Knee Center we emphasize quality service to our patients. From pain management pre-op through the Multimodal Preemptive Management Program to the use of Digital Template Surgical Planning to plan every aspect of a surgery to suit each individual patient.          

This includes the Pinless Navigating TKR, a joint replacement surgery that utilizes a portable computer to ensure that the prosthetic is placed in the proper position, helping to reduce errors and increase surgical accuracy. We choose the most appropriate, best quality and up-to-date prosthesis for out patients that includes metal and special plastics as well as ceramic to ensure the efficiency and longevity of our implants.


“Minimal Pain ...Faster Recovery ...Move Life Forward”

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Bangkok Hip & Knee Center 
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“When it comes to total knee replacements, the quality and expertise of the medical team is paramount. Equally important is effective pain management before, during, and after surgery. These will result in minimal pain, a faster recovery, and less muscle trauma, reduced chance of infection, lower risk of thrombosis, and the ability to be walking again within 24 hours”


Symptoms that may indicate need for Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Pain whilst walking, sitting, getting up, and navigating stairs (hinders daily activities)
  • Knee pain while sleeping
  • Chronic inflammation, pain, swelling, and warmth around the knee,
  • Knee deformities, i.e. change in shape
  • Difficulties moving, straightening, or bending the knee
  • Treatments such as changes in behavior, medication, and injections become ineffective

       ***Suitability for surgery will be made on a case by case basis dependent on symptoms and severity of conditions



Where can I get a Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Before deciding where to get a Total Knee Replacement Surgery it is important to consider several factors such as the institution’s ability to provide hands-on quality care through every step of the process. This includes pre-op services, post-op services, and follow-ups through to complete recovery.


6 Factors to consider before deciding where to receive Total Knee Replacement Surgery includes:

  1. Digital Template A computer program which helps to plan and personalize each surgery to the individual. This includes customizing the size and position of the prosthesis to optimally suit the patient. This technology helps to reduce risk of fracture and reduces the chance of the prostheses becoming incompatible helping to ensure durability.

  2. Biplane Imaging (EOS) This technology provides a 3D imaging of the joint and assists in pre-operative planning. This is especially useful for performing surgery on individuals with knee deformities and increases accuracy during diagnosis. It helps to reduce the chances of complications during surgery which may result from knock knees and other bone deformities. Importantly this technique requires minimal amount of time to perform making it ideal for patients who are unable to balance or are unable to place weight on their knee/s for prolonged periods of time.

  3. Total Knee Pathway A Total Knee Pathway helps to ensure safety standards before, during, and after surgery under the care of specialist nurses and doctors. This includes evaluating the body’s readiness for surgery, diagnosis and knee deformities, analyzing muscular and tissue conditions around the bone, optimizing the prosthesis which is most suitable to the patient, as well as medication throughout the treatment process.

  4. Pain Management Pain management (pre-post surgery) involves blocking pain receptors via injection in the upper thigh safely and effectively. This involves an ultrasound into the area to avoid key blood vessels and muscles. Conducted effectively, this can help to reduce surgical wound pain, reduce pain medication and other side effects which may occur.

  5. Reduce Risk of Thrombosis Reduce risk of thrombosis with the Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device (IPC) combined with blood thinners to prevent blood clots. This is pivotal as during surgery a clot may move into the heart or lungs, causing cardiovascular or respiratory failure.

  6. Faster Recovery… Walk again within 24 hours Rehabilitation and recovery is facilitated by the Anti-Gravity Treadmill or Alter G which helps to restore muscle function post-surgery. The Alter G provides an environment which helps to reduce pain by reducing weight (pressure) on the knee during exercise. The Continuous Passive Motion is a machine that allows the patient to bend the knee up to a 90 degree angle, effectively reducing the chances of scar tissue.


Although the chances of complications from injection during surgery are less than 1% it is recommended to use the Laminar Air Flow system during surgery to ensure free ventilation and prevent dust”.


Total Replacement for a Better life…

Over 90% of patients who receive Total Knee Replacement: 

> Less pain

> Are able to return to daily activities


Move Life Forward
For further information contact:

Bangkok Hip & Knee Center
1st Floor (Piano Hall Zone) BGH Building
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Call +662 310-3731, +662 310-3732 or 1719 (Local calls)


Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Minimal Pain ...Faster Recovery
Walking within 24 hours

Call: +662 310-3000, or 1719 (Local calls)
or FB@Bangkokhospital


Introducing the Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Less Pain, Faster Recovery, and Improved Mobility

The Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement is a tissue-sparing procedure that exposes the hip with one small incision on the front of the joint. The anterior approach avoids cutting major muscles as such patients typically experience less pain, scarring and no post-op surgical wound discomfort. Compared to traditional surgery, patients will be able to bear weight and walk with the use of crutches/walker sooner whilst allowing for a swifter return to normal function.

Furthermore, patients can typically expect a shorter hospital stay, a better range of movement, as well as significantly decreased risk of hip dislocation. The procedure does not disturb the muscles and soft tissue structures that naturally prevent the hip from dislocating. 

Direct Anterior Approach is a relatively new technique in the Southeast Asia region and requires extensive training and expertise. Doctor Phonthakorn Panichkul of the Hip and Knee Center indicates that “Currently, this technique is widely utilized with a high percentage of success in the United States, Canada, and Europe. However in Thailand, with the exception of our team at the Bangkok Hip and Knee Center, this procedure is not as yet readily available. We expect the Direct Anterior Approach to become the standard for hip replacement surgery in the near future”.


May be suitable for patients who experience:

  • Chronic hip pain that does not subside with pain medication
  • Hip pain which worsens when moving
  • Hip pain which interferes with sleep
  • Hip pain that affects your ability to walk up or down stairs
  • Hip pain that makes it difficult to rise from a seated position
  • Stiffness in the hip
  • Arthritis of the hip 

For further information contact:

Bangkok Hip & Knee Center
1st Floor (Piano Hall Zone) BGH Building
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08.00 - 20.00  |  Sat-Sun 08.00 - 17.00

Call +662 310-3731, +662 310-3732 or 1719 (Local calls)

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